Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Starbucks makes it worthwhile being green for earth day

Just think about how many people will be bringing their reusable cup tomorrow for earth day to get their free Starbucks Coffee. Now imagine if we all brought our cups every day. Imagine how many cups don't even need to be recycled.

Now reflect on how hard it was to bring the cup along. Not very hard was it. Its Easy Being Green and Starbucks has now proven it is. Awesome job Starbucks. Now its up to us to continue with throughout the year.

Check out the link for more details:

Chloros Guild - True Green List

There are a lot of products that pretend to be green, some actually make an effort and then there are some products that go the extra mile and exceed all standards. They are truly environmently friendly. This is a list of such products.

If you know of any products you feel should make this list please send over a short summary of why you feel this product deserves the "Chloros" label. You can email Susan Fischer at susan@clinchportal.com and we will review them and post the list below.