Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Solution to higher cost of wind power generation

Generally this blog is for tips for individuals on how its easier to be green but this one is actually for the government. In the newspaper today, I saw the article about coal being cheaper than wind power to generate and that cost per kw/h will be going up. Well one way to help out the average Canadian who will be getting this cost increase and one way to stimulate the economy through environmental spending would be to give every home owner in Ontario or possibly Canada, a solar panel fully installed for free.

Let's think about this for a moment. what are we gaining:

1) We are reducing the energy strain in our electrical system.
2) We are promoting an environmentally friendly energy source.
3) Since money is not being sucked out of the economy through electricity costs, people can afford to buy more.
4) Labor for manufacturers of solar panels and installers would get more money that they could in turn spend.
5) The government looks good in the eyes of every Canadian for their work on the environment. Since everyone would get one then everyone would see the work they are doing. They would not need to spend all that money marketing to us. We would see it happen.

If you know someone who has some power in government to make a difference, please forward over this idea to them. If you have any comments on this proposal please contact chris williams at

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